Wheel Arch Rolling

Get your wheel arches professionally rolled and stop them catching

    1. Before
    2. After

    Do you have:


    • A lowered car?

    • Bigger wheels / tyres?

    • Is your offset different from standard?

    • Do your tyres rub when cornering, or going over bumps?


    If yes to any of these then we can help.

    Our arch rolling is done with a dedicating machine, not using a baseball bat or scaffolding pole and rolling the car – this destroys the paint and ruins the arch in the process.


    1. Before
    2. After

    Even on small 195x50x15 budget tyres are £30 each, minimum, and if you burst a tyre, what would the cost of the damage to the car be? Generally when the tyre rubs it is against the sidewall, as the bounce of the bump passed the tread pattern. This is the weakest part of the tyre! And it is rubbing against a slim metal edge. Not a good thing.


    Please note: Arch rolling depends on the condition of your paint though, if fibreglass, plastic, rusty or filler, this will not work and paint will be damaged. This can be fixed by us though as well if needed.

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